Twyford Farm is owned by the Countryside Restoration Trust who are a charity promoting wildlife friendly farming and campaigning for a living working countryside. Tenant farmers Bob and Liz have stocked the farm with their flock of pedigree Charollais sheep breeding rams for sale plus a flock of commercial ewes producing fat lambs and some beef cattle.

They have already identified some ancient meadows rich in wildflowers which guest are welcome to walk through and in due course will be planting hedge rows and nectar /wild bird mixes in field margins .Wetland areas are also being created in field corners.

They are currently undergoing a woodland management plan which will not only improve the woodland, provide a better habitat for wildlife and provide fuel for the biomass boiler to heat the houses. Visitors are welcome to walk through the 80 acres of woods enjoying bluebells in the spring and follow the seasons right through until the spectacular autumn colours.

There are 2 lakes to which guests will have exclusive access for walks and picnics and the lake immediately below the farmhouse is available for fishing –day tickets available-please enquire for details.

The farm is rich in wildlife, deer can be regularly viewed grazing the avenue from the terrace, there will be a book in the library for visitors to log sightings of all species.